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I notice we don't have a subtrope for the Aztecs under Hollywood History.

The Aztecs are our placeholder for all ancient South/Meso American cultures, including the Inca, Maya and many others: this trope is all about crude lumping, geographically and in time. Let's describe the stereotype and get some examples.
  • Lots of priests, religion and monstrous gods.
  • Human sacrifice: cutting out the heart of a living victim atop a step pyramid.
  • Big stone temples with distinctive stonework[1], usually equipped with traps and underground labyrinths. This visual trope can turn up all by itself.
  • Sometimes hidden advanced technology and/or links to aliens.
  • Feathered headdresses, clubs studded with chunks of obsidian, loincloths.
  • Corn harvests.
  • Gold. Complex stone jewelry: earings, necklaces, chest pads. [2]
  • Ornate and colourful decorations, geometric patterns. Intricate and scary carvings.
  • Jungle settings.
  • An abundance of horrible wildlife, big and small, esp snakes, spiders and jaguars.
  • A drug culture -- coca and hallucinogens.
  • Close association with Conquistadors.
  • Desiccated bodies in ceremonial outfits: unwrapped mummies.
  • Cursed artifacts.
See Also: Hollywood History and Very Loosely Based on a True Story.

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