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Cancel The Next Meeting
A person of business phones their secretary to cancel their next meeting(s) because the task at hand is so pressing
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Usually in an office or medical setting, the person in charge will intercom their secretary, saying something like "Julie, cancel all my appointments for the rest of the day." This is done because something important has arisen an must be attended to, and the humor is in their unprofessional regard for those who had appointments. The secretary complies and there is no explanation to the canceled meetings.



  • In American Psycho, Bateman, when notified of a meeting at six, tells his secretary "Negative. Cancel it." When she asks, "What should I say?" his only response is "Just... say... no."

[[Western Animation]]

  • In the Simpsons episode "Homer's Triple Bypass", Dr. Hibbert performs a fat analysis test on Homer. When his blubbler won't stop jiggling, Hibbert intercoms: "Nurse, cancel my 1:00."
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