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Jaw Breaker
Killing a monster (or sometimes a person) by forcing their jaw apart until it snaps.
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Monster trying to get it's teeth into you? Here's an unusual solution; force the creature's jaws apart until they break.

Oddly, this is almost always portrayed as causing instantaneous death, when it should leave them alive but in crotch-stompingly horrible pain.

For some reason, Reptilian monsters are especially prone to this.

A nastier variant is to simply tear the jaw off altogether.



[[folder:Comic Books]]

  • In 52, after Sobek's true colors are revealed, Black Adam finishes him off this way.
  • In an issue of The Walking Dead, upon being tackled by a zombie, Martinez sticks his hand in it's mouth and breaks it's jaw before it can bite his fingers. Balls +5.


  • King Kong's signature move. He does it to dinosaurs and giant snakes in the 30s version, the 70s version, the 00s version and the video game based on it.
  • Mecha-Godzilla does this to Anguirus in Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla. He lives, though.
  • Derek kills a man in a disturbing scene in American History X with a curb stomp.
  • One of the deaths in {{Mirrors.}}
  • The first person to be shown attacked by the curse in The Grudge suffers this, as did one of the later victims in {{Ju-On.}}

[[/folder: Literature]]

  • In His Dark Materials, Iorek tears his rival's jaw off. Symbolic, because the other was a liar.
  • Samson does this to a lion in the Christian Bible.

[[folder:Video Games]]


[[folder: Webcomics]]

  • The Adventures Of Doctor Mc Ninja: Doc does it to a zombie. Since it was undead, it doesn't really kill the thing, but it does prevent it from biting him.
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