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Next Meeting Threat
Someone makes threats if they ever see character again, then encounter character later
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A character will say something along the lines of "if I ever see you again" or "if we ever meet again" and will back it up some sort of threat, usually involving bodily harm. This threat may be made by any number of characters - a villain, an especially stern authority figure, a bully, someone with plenty of money and influence, or a hero to a defeated villain.

For this trope to apply, the one making the threat also has to encounter the one they threatened later on. A character simply making a threat wouldn't be an example of this trope; that would be an aversion or subversion.

This trope can be Played for Laughs, especially in some of the classic comedy shorts and films (See below examples). But it could take on a more serious tone however in more action-driven works.

Overlaps with Chekhov's Gunman and, if used for comedy, Brick Joke. Compare We Will Meet Again, where a defeated villain promises a future meeting.


  • Laurel and Hardy used this trope a couple of times. A perfect example is the 1932 short "Scram!" The duo encounters a nasty judge who's about to imprison them for sleeping on a park bench - but simply lets them go since the jail is full. He then warns the two that he'd better not see them again - or he'd build a jail. Laurel and Hardy then encounter a drunk who takes them to a big mansion mistaking it for his own. It turns out that the mansion belongs to the judge they encountered before and they are clearly scared when he turns up.
    • The 1932 Laurel and Hardy film "Pack Up Your Troubles" plays this trope straight. Early on, Stan and Oliver get an Army cook in trouble. He vows that if he ever comes across the duo again, he'd come after them with a knife. At the end of the film, when they've happily resolved everything, they're asked to stay to eat. The cook turns out to be the former Army cook from before - and he makes good on his threat as he chases Laurel and Hardy off into the distance.
  • The Three Stooges used this trope fairly often. In their 1940 "Boobs in Arms", the trio gets into a fight with a man on the street who threatens revenge. They run into him twice more - once as a jealous husband and again as their drill instructor at boot camp!
    • Another short "Dizzy Doctors" involved the Stooges as salesman selling Brighto. They use it on a gentleman's car to polish it - only to ruin the paint! Upon learning that Brighto is medicine, the Stooges try to sell the stuff at a local hospital - only to find that the hospital superintendent is the car owner from earlier!
  • In the first Back to the Future movie, Biff Tannen warns George not to ever patronize Lou's Cafe again. Later on, Biff catches George in the cafe as he tries to talk to Lorraine Baines. Biff decides to punish George for defying him by extorting money. But Marty intervenes.
  • Lion cub Simba in The Lion King escapes from the hyenas who yell that if he ever comes back, they'll kill him. He does come back years a full grown lion.
  • Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia, a 1974 foreign film as shown in this clip. The characters are saying: "It's you again, you damned lame scoundrel? Didn't I warn you? That's it, say goodbye to your other leg, now you'll limp on both!" The reply? "Don't, I'll do it, I'll do it myself!" The cripple kicks a huge column, breaking both the leg and the column.
  • Zig-Zagged in Firefly. In "The Train Job," Adelai "I Torture People to Death for Kicks" Niska's Giant Mook threatens Mal with We Will Meet Again and The Last Thing You Ever See. Mal defies it by kicking him into Serenity's engine intake. Several episodes later ("War Stories"), Niska captures Mal and fulfills the threat made by his subordinate, but Mal is rescued by his crew.
  • The Ten Commandments:
    Ramses: Come to me no more, Moses! For on the day I see your face again, you will surely die!
    • Of course, the next time Moses is brought to him, the firstborn have all died, and Ramses just wants him and the Hebrews out, so he doesn't try to kill him until later.

  • At least one entry in the game book series Wizards, Warriors and You involved the title Wizard and Knight being punished with banishment. They were also warned if they had not left the kingdom within one hour, they'd be killed on sight. Guess what was one of the possible endings?
  • In the Black Jewels series, Roxie gets exiled by Lucivar from his territory for plotting to falsely accuse him of rape so she could force him to marry her. Several books later, Roxie is back in the area in discuise assisting another woman in an attempt to ruin the reputation of Lucivar's brother Daimon. Lucivar executes her after this.
  • The 1983 children's book The Pink Panther and the Fancy Party has our titular feline invited to a party. The Pink Panther goes shopping for clothes, but causes grief for the salesman who finally expels him. The panther finally makes to the party...only to find the guest of honor is that same salesman!
  • Averted HARD in The Halfling's Gem, the third book of The Icewind Dale Trilogy. After defeating the buccaneer Pinochet, said pirate is let off with simple exile. To make sure he doesn't get any ideas of defying his banishment, all four heroes (Drizzt Do'Urden, Catti-Brie, Bruenor, and Wulfgar) take turns telling Pinochet to his face about the brutal ways they'll kill him if he ever defies the punishment.

  • In the hero story of Sonic Adventure 2, after you defeat Dr. Eggman with Tails, Eggman tells him that he will let him go, but the next time they meet, he won't be so lucky. Fast forward to their second encounter aboard the Space Colony ARK.

  • Happens in The Simpsons episode "Marge Be Not Proud", Bart is caught in a shoplifting attempt at the Try 'n Save and is told by the security guard never to come to the store again. He manages to get rid of the call placed about the incident before his parents can find out. Unluckily for him, as his family takes him to the same store for a family photo, where he is found and exposed by the same security guard right when the photo is taken.
  • The episode "Bully Ballet" of AlvinAndTheChipmunks has the trio encounter a bully named Clarence. After Clarence insults some dancers, he ends up slipping on an ice cream cone Alvin dropped. He angrily roughs up Alvin and warns that they'd better not meet again. Later on, Alvin attends a ballet recital...and finds out the guy behind him is none other than Clarence.

  • Mary Dyer (1611-1660) was exiled from the Massachussetts colony for religious heresy and ordered never to return. Amazingly, she returned to the colony four more times! The fourth time saw her luck run out and she was executed.
  • Another example from the Massachussetts colony - on October 27, 1659, two Quakers named Marmaduke Stevenson and William Robinson were executed by hanging for defying banishment from said colony.
  • After 9/11, a former war correspondent wrote a Newsweek article recalling a time during the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan when he got into an argument with one of the mujaheddin, who eventually threatened to kill him if he ever showed his face again. When he came back a week later the threat was nearly carried out but their interpreter was able to talk their way out of it. Several years later, the reporter learned that the mujaheddin in question was Osama bin Laden.

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