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Flying/Floating Fortress
Airborne/Spaceborne or Naval craft that are big, heavy and slow.
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On land, tanks are fairly common. At sea, in the sky or in space? Not so much... at least, not in reality.

Sometimes, speed is traded out for size and the ability to take a beating. This trope doesn't specifically refer to capital vessels (e.g: The Battlestar), but most of them do fall under this umbrella.


  • Freelancer: Aside from all freighters, the Titan VHF has the highest armor rating, strongest shield and most gun energy of any of the flyable ships in the game.
  • Real Life: A10 Thunderbolts. Their top speed is significantly lower than most attack craft, but when your main purpose is strafing tanks (with a 30mm GAU-8 Avenger and multiple AGM 65 Mavericks), who cares?
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