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Hollywood Job Interview
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I just saw Burlesque, and one of many similarities to Coyote Ugly was the Hollywood Job Interview. With Coyote Ugly, the requirement for working was to lift up the sleeves and check for track marks. With Burlesque, all it takes is to walk in and pick up a tray to be a waitress. No ID check to work with alcohol, no SS card, no W-4 forms, no application, no interview, no résumé or cover letter or thank you note, no drug screen, no background check, no obnoxious interview questions, no personality test or psychological screening or competency quiz, that is now required for your average dead-end cashier position, no food handlers card, no education info or former employment or explanation for gaps in employment, no training ... definitely no rejection by the employer or else there would be no movie.

And this is IF an interview is shown at all. Usually, the teen runaway or abused spouse is shown running away with the clothes on their back, only to be shown being a waitress later with no explanation how they were able to get a job without the proper papers. Buffy in season 3 springs to mind. She managed to get a job as a waitress as well as an apartment before the age of 18.

If an interview is shown, the new employee is shown wandering into a far-flung café after they used the last of their cash on bus fare, to run into the owner of the café (rather than the manager or shift leader) and get hired on the spot before the owner knows the name of the new employee.

Owner: "Okay, I like your energy, kid. You remind me of me when I was younger. You can start immediately. Get those tables cleaned off and get to work on the dishes in back. And hurry because the dinner rush is at 5:00 and you need to make all the food without proper training or knowing where anything is. Oh, yeah, what was your name?"

Sarah: "They call me Jade."

Owner: "Well, a fake first name is good enough for me. Don't steal from the register."

This seems to be the norm for porno stars and strippers in movies, as well, despite the intense scrutiny since the days of Tracy Lords. I seem to recall Burt Reynolds asking Marky Mark his age in Boogie Nights and Marky Mark saying that he was 17. Same with Courtney Love as a stripper in The People VS. Larry Flynt. It's like, yeah... no big deal.

Forgive me if this already exists. I swore it was here once, but now I can't find it.

Up for grabs.
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