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Useful Damsel
A damsel who displays heroism without being a badass
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The damsel (like all damsels) has been captured again. The writers don't want her to fall into the scrappy heap, but she is no badass damsel. She cannot fight, she is not a manipulative bastard, and she does not have an all-powerful transformation. However, if she is not the only one held captive, there is still one thing she can do: She can inspire hope, usually by assuring everyone that the hero will come and rescue them, when they feel ready to give in to despair.

Compare Badass Damsel, who has the courage of a Heroic Damsel, but often because she also has the mental/physical skills to protect herself, whereas the heroic damsel is willing to show courage even when she's helpless.

Some examples include: -In Dinsey's Peter Pan, when captured by Captain Hook, Wendy prevents the lost boys from turning pirate by assuring them that Peter Pan will save them if they stick it out a bit longer.

-In Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, when Llia may not be able to fight evil, but she can show motherly concern to the sick and wounded when her life is in danger. She also plays the role of reassuring everyone in Kakariko village that Link will come save them.

- In the Lord of the Rings movie, Arwen is no damsel in distress, but her willingness to have hope against insurmountable odds inspires the elves to join in the fight against evil.
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