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Distracting Flashing
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"It isn't everyday you find a girl who flashes the teacher to sneak you out of detention"

Whenever characters flash someone to distract that person. Doesn't matter which part is shown, whether characters take off all their clothes, to just lifting up their shirts.

Most of the time, this can overlap with Distracted by the Sexy (unless the distractee is instead Squicked).

A Sub-Trope of We Need a Distraction.

A Sister Trope to Show Some Leg (essentially the PG version), Defeat by Modesty (although the nudity is inflicted on someone else).

Compare Sexy Coat Flashing.


  • In 10 Things I Hate About You, Patrick does a public Serenade Your Lover scene, but it's on school grounds so he gets detention. Kate gets him out by flashing the teacher so he looks at her instead of Patrick sneaking out the window.
  • At the very beginning of the film After The Fox a woman in a burqua pulls it open to flash her sexy underwear at a couple of guys in a passing truck in order to cause an accident, so she and her cohorts can steal the valuables being transported.
  • In the movie Creator, Merial Hemmingway flashed a male opponent during a game of football in order to get the winning touchdown.

Live Action TV
  • Phoebe flashes Joey in a football game in Friends, and he's smiling for quite a while afterward.
  • In How I Met Your Mother, Lilly and Marshal have a bet with Barney regarding whether or not he can prepare Japanese habachi dinners. If he won, the stipulation was that he got to see and touch Lilly's boobs for an extended period of time. When it looked as though he was going to win, Lilly flashed him and distracted him from completing his goal.
  • In Titus, the eponymous guy was in a street race, and his girlfriend helped him win by flashing the other guy.

Video Games
  • It's strongly hinted that the "Puff Puff" ability in Dragon Quest games involves this.

  • In Erfworld, the Archons has a 'Flash' ability that enables them to distract large groups of enemies by... well, FLASHING them. This prevents them from seeing anything else happening in that hex, making it a useful tactics for surprise attacks and surgical strikes.

Western Animation
  • In the Aspen episode of South Park, Stan won a ski race, from his friend flashing his opponent. But it wasn't her nude breasts, but a couple of mutant monsters where the breasts would be.
  • Heather does this, more or less by accident, to distract Harold and cause him to wipe-out during a water-skiing competetion on Total Drama Island.

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