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A lot of hardcore fans will insist that subbing is the only way to go. They'll mock dub lovers as illiterate or unrefined. But every once in a while some game or anime will come along that makes the hardcore fans cringe. The dub cast is brilliant. Their voices fit the characters to a tee. Maybe the original language had some astonishingly cringe-worthy moments of Gratuitous English. Even the fact that the dubbers changed some of the jokes, and perhaps even a personality or two doesn't change the fact that it just shines. Sometimes the dub is just better.

This is a very subjective trope, and should probably be handled like Fan Fic Recommendations. Suggest a dub and sign it.

  • Starfire: Saiyuki - Voices that fit, brilliant localization even with some personality changes.
  • Starfire: Hellsing - Honestly almost anything would have been better than listening to Engrish for 13 episodes, but the dub did a good job with the accents (at least by American standards of British accents...)

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