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Women Love to Shop
Shopping is shown as a stereotypically feminine activity.
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Women have been stereotyped as loving to spend money on shopping trips. This usually involves buying clothing, including nice shoes, but it can also be shopping in general.

In some cases, these shoppers are portrayed as being wasteful with their money and buying expensive items and racking up credit card debt, but on the other hand, women shoppers are also often portrayed as being good at finding bargains.

If the shopping woman has a man with her, he's usually not only extremely bored by the experience, but he also usually has to carry all her purchases. She also makes him act as a fashion consultant and will often ask the dreaded question, "Does this make me look fat/ugly?"

Recent examples may involve money that the woman shopper earned herself, but historically this trope has generally been associated with a sexist assumption that men make money and women spend it.


Newspaper Comics

  • Paige from FoxTrot loves to shop, and the family even has to be very secretive if anyone wants to be able to go shopping without her demanding to come along. Her brother Peter is usually the one who comes with her, since he can drive (Roger drove her in some of the earlier strips), and she always makes Peter carry her many bags of purchases.
  • Cathy from her titular comic strip is also obsessed with clothes shopping as well.

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