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Freezing is Feminine
In a group of superpowered people, the one with ice or water abilities is usually a female
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Everyone knows and love Elemental Powers. Whenever a show features characters with various superpowers, you can pretty much expect many characters with power over the classical elements. It is also often for these people to work in groups, whether as Four Element Ensemble, or a trio of Fire, Ice, Lightning, or any other combinations. However, for some reason, in these groups the one with ice (or water) based powers will be female. When that happens, then this trope is in effect. The ice girl is often also the only female member of her group, but not always. If there is another female in the group, the other girl often has wind powers, although not as common as the ice girl.

Note that being a girl with ice power isn't enough. She needs to belong in a group of superpowered people, and be the only one with ice power.

It could sometimes be related to Women Are Wiser, since water is associated with peacefulness and that may be reflected by giving the water female a compassionate personality.

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