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Touch The Untouchable
The ability to interact with or harm an [[IntangibleMan intangible being]]
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A being or object with this ability can, for whatever reason, interact with intangible beings as if they were solid. Maybe they're a Physical God, maybe they're so in tune with the Spirit World that they effectively exist in both worlds at once, or maybe they're just wrapped in a force field that ghosts can't pass through.

Anti Intangible Attack is a subtype for things which can damage or disrupt intangible beings without necessarily being able to, say, shake hands with them. This is a common aspect of a Holy Hand Grenade or Pure Energy.


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     Anime and Manga 
  • In Berserk, Guts's Dragon Slayer is a completely mundane (if large) sword, but whenever it's used to kill an Apostle some of their demonic power rubs off on it (and Guts has killed a lot of Apostles). This eventually results in it being able to wound a Super Smoke Apostle who even other Apostles cannot harm.
  • In Bleach, living people need a certain amount of spiritual power to interact with spiritual beings, and vice versa. Slightly less is needed for living people just to see spiritual beings.
  • YuYu Hakusho. Living people need to have spiritual power to interact with spiritual beings.
  • In One Piece channeling Haki through an attack lets it harm the setting's Elemental Shapeshifters, most of whom are otherwise Nigh Invulnerable.
  • In Shaman King, Anna's prayer beads have this effect, which she sometimes uses to tie up Amidamaru.
  • The Shinmeiryu school in Love Hina and Mahou Sensei Negima! possesses the "Zanmaken"Translation  and "Zanmaken: Ni no Tachi"Translation  sword techniques, which are capable of cutting spirits and magic.

  • In Kingdom Come The Flash is able to use his Super Speed to exist between dimensions since, according to DC Universe physics, dimensions are separated from each other by the frequency of their vibrations.

  • The Ghostbusters's "Proton Packs" can be used to damage ghosts or yank them into containment.

  • In The Dresden Files, ghost dust is a magical substance which feels "extra-real". It can be thrown at ghosts to disable them, or incorporated into a wall to prevent them from passing through. Harry's recipe includes depleted uranium for weight.
  • The Lord of the Rings: In Return of the King, Aragorn can parry an attack from the leader of the Army of the Dead with Anduril, though this has more to do with Aragorn's (and Anduril's) connection to the one who laid their curse than anything else.

     Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Ghost Touch items (most commonly weapons and armor) have this effect. Magical attacks can harm incorporeal beings, but have only a 50% chance of working each time.
    • In Pathfinder, magical attacks always work, but deal 50% damage.
    • Force effects (such as forcecage and magic missile) are even better as they extend into the Ethereal Plane, allowing them to affect even ghosts that aren't physically manifesting.
    • 1st-2nd Edition
      • Mixing gorgon's blood into the mortar used to create a building prevents creatures on the Ethereal and Astral planes (who were intangible WRT the Prime Material Plane) from passing through its walls.
      • Creatures on the Prime Material Plane can use the Staff of Ethereal Action to attack creatures on the Ethereal Plane.
  • A number of Point Build Systems include this as an option when creating powers:
    • In Hero System games it's called "Affects Desolid". This costs 50% of the power's base cost, or 25% if restricted to a single type of incorporeal targets (such as ectoplasm).
    • In Mutants & Masterminds this appears as the "Affects Insubstantial" power feat (2e) or flat-value modifier (3e), which grants 50% effectiveness the first time it's taken and 100% effectiveness the second.
  • New World of Darkness. Blessed objects allow mortals to harm ghosts (and potentially spirits).
  • The powers of the titular vampires in Vampire: The Masquerade are almost completely focused on the material world, so anything from the spirit world or the afterlife is essentially an Outside-Context Villain for them. That said, a rare few bloodlines and Disciplines are capable of allowing communication and combat with ghosts and spirits. The Khaibit bloodline being one such bloodline.
  • Shadowrun. Both solid earth and the bodies of living beings (plants and animals) can block the passage of entities in the Astral plane.

     Video Games 

     Western Animation 

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