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Non Sequitur Party Anthem

A song about partying hard! ...and apparently also knife safety.

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This is something I've seen a couple of instances of, and I'm not sure if it's actually a thing or just a couple of isolated incidents. That's why I wanted to appeal to the Troper hive-mind - are there other examples of this?

This is a particular kind of parody song that combines a raucous hip-hop song about spring break with some other, completely unrelated subject. The humor comes from the juxtaposition of a brain dead party anthem with other, more serious subject matter.



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  • January 6, 2014
    It doesn't fit the rather narrow definition, but Rebecca Black's imfamous song "Friday" mainly deals with one day in the life of a teenager, like waking up, breakfast, going to school, and a party in the evening. However, in the rap segment, performed by Patrice Wilson, he suddenly raps about driving on the road and wether to overtake another vehicle. This non sequitur has been picked up by various critics of the song (of which there are many!).
  • January 6, 2014
    Change to Non Sequitir Party Anthem for a less narrow trope?
  • January 6, 2014
    Subtrope of Innocent Innuendo?
  • January 6, 2014
    @Sligh_Br: Good idea

    @DAN 004: I'm not sure that this has anything to do at all with Innocent Innuendo... Care to expound?
  • January 7, 2014
    Formatted Examples section by media, Namespaced and italicized work titles, put song titles in quotes.
  • January 7, 2014
    Since title changed, it's no longer a subtrope of Innocent Innuendo. :P
  • January 7, 2014
    Seems awfully specific and is media-specific. See also Lyrics Video Mismatch and Mood Dissonance.