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Duo Plus One
A Power Trio which consists of a Duo Trope of two foils with one extra character to bridge them
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Friends and people who work well together typically have personalities which compliment each other, however in fiction this tends to be rather limiting, so groups of characters have contrasting personalities instead. Since giving a large group conflicting personalities, writers often use this trope; a Power Trio which is essentially a Duo Trope plus one; two Foils at either end of the spectrum plus an extra one in the middle.

Power Trios with pages which have this relationship with existing Duo Tropes with pages include;

If this setup means that the third character serves to balance the other two then they're a Freudian Trio.
Examples (which don't already fit on one of the pages mentioned above);

  • The teamups of Superman and Batman occasionally had Batman's sidekick Robin as the middle guy. The teamups pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths don't count towards this trope, as Superman and Batman's personalities were more complimentary than contrasting back then.
  • Walter and The Dude with Donny as the 3rd in The Big Lebowski.
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