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They're similar, so they don't like each other.
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A main character meets someone who shares many if not all of his primary personality traits - and they instantly rub one another the wrong way. Their True Companions will have no trouble recognizing how similar they are, but mentioning it to them will prompt an angry objection from both (probably in unison). They themselves will almost never be able to put their finger on why they annoy one another so much, and if they can describe the things they don't like about each other, they will never acknowledge having any of those traits themselves.

Obviously, this is usually played for Hypocritical Humor; the two characters may become Vitriolic Best Buds, or they may just go on hating each other. If it's played seriously, on the other hand, it may serve as an indication of hidden self-esteem problems.

Rarely seems to come up in the case of an Evil Twin, as it's typically their differences in morality rather than their similarities that makes them dislike each other in those situations.

Compare and contrast Not So Different.

Anime and Manga


  • Rachel Lynde and Cornelia Bryant in Anne's House of Dreams:
    Miss Cornelia and Mrs. Rachel did not take a very violent fancy to one another. "Two suns hold not their courses in one sphere."
  • In the Dinotopia spin-off novel Windchaser, Hugh Donavan doesn't like the eponymous Skyracer mentioned in the title because they both are so similar with their past experiences that they immediately dislike each other.

Live Action TV
  • In a season 3 episode of That's So Raven, Cory returns a dog who followed him home to his owner...only to find that the two look exactly alike.
    Cory: "I don't look nothin' like that kid.
    Chauncy: "I share the same sentiments almost exactly."
  • In one episode of Seinfeld, Jerry falls deeply in love with a woman (played by Janeane Garofalo) who is almost exactly like him. He thinks this is great until he realizes how self-loathing he is, and the two end up abruptly breaking it off when they both say "I hate you" to each other at the same time in the middle of a lunch.

Western Animation
  • Baloo and Rebecca's relationship of TaleSpin revolves highly around this and Not So Different. While they have very contrasting ethics and lifestyles, they are both highly stubborn and self righteous individuals, the combination often leads them to be at each other's throats. A common gag involves Rebecca scolding Baloo for some flaw he has (eg. temper, gullibility, egotism) and then five seconds later doing exactly the same.
  • In an episode of King of the Hill that takes place during Luanne's pregnancy, Peggy meets Lucky's older sister Merna. She and Peggy are both passive-aggressive, stubborn, and convinced their way of doing things is the best way. After coming to a disagreement on childcare methods, the two took an immediate dislike to one another.
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