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Lame First Villain
A hero has an impressive rogues' gallery, but their first antagonist was anything but.
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Any long-running fictional hero will notch up at least one major antagonist. But if we look at the character's earliest appearances, we may find that their first major villain - even if we discount disposable mooks used as warm-ups - was forgettable at best.

Distinct from Starter Villain, in which a lesser antagonist is specifically intended to pave the way for bigger fry. Arguably the opposite of Breakout Villain.

  • Superman's first superfoe (he spent his earliest appearances tackling relatively down-to-earth crime) was the Ultra-Humanite, a generic mad scientist who was quietly dropped when Lex Luthor turned up. Later reintroduced in radically redesigned form.
  • Batman's first major antagonist was not a member of his famous rogues' gallery, but another generic mad scientist: Dr. Death.
  • You may expect The Mighty Thor to have fought his first battle against Loki, a Frost Giant or some other Norse mythological nasty, but instead he fought a bunch of aliens resembling Easter Island statues.
  • Tweety Pie first appeared in a cartoon entitled A Tale of Two Kitties. Sylvester was nowhere to be seen - instead, Tweety was chased by two cats based on Abbott and Costello. They didn't last.
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