Breeding Slave

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You've been captured by an enemy. They refuse to release you, no matter how much you attempt to reason with them. But why, what do they want from you? Certainly they don't want you dead. No, they don't want to ransom you. They don't want you to physically labour for them.

What they really want is to breed with you.

Reasons behind this vary. It's almost always some non-human creatures who wish to procreate with humans, either for reasons of scientific interest, or because they believe it will be mutually beneficial for both factions, or that the resulting offspring will make their own future generations stronger, or they believe it will help assimilate the opposing group, or assert their dominance over them. Regardless, the goal is very important to them, so don't expect them to care about the victim's feelings on the matter.

Is most often a specific form of a Sex Slave, though in futuristic settings, reproductive technology can eliminate the need for the victim to be violated sexually, though being violated by probes and syringes and the like usually isn't much better. It often gets used as Fetish Fuel and Fanservice, especially in Fan Fiction, but it's also used to help to show just how insane, corrupt, or downright evil the enemy is.

This almost always involves a female being forced to bear offspring for an enemy group, though it does occur with males as well.

This has occurred between different groups of people in Real Life numerous times throughout history.

Often overlaps with Mars Needs Women and Mate or Die. Can sometimes relate to Abduction Is Love.
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