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The home of choice for the homeless (Launching Soon)
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Homes can be made from all kinds of materials, from straw, to wood, to brick. But some people can't afford anything fancy like that and they have to make do with cardboard.

A character who has to improvise a shelter from a cardboard box is still effectively homeless, but technically speaking, it is a "home". If this trope gets Played for Laughs, its owner will treat it with the same dignity and respect commanded by an actual home (maybe even a Big Fancy House), and expect any visitors to do the same.



[[folder:Comic Books]]
  • The Maxx used to live in a cardboard box until Julie took him in.
  • In Spawn, the hero of the title was homeless and lived with other homeless bums, some of whom, were depicted as living in a cardboard box.

  • One of Blackletter's first victims in Doc Sidhe lives a refrigerator box. A paragraph or so is devoted to how comfortable it is and he considers himself lucky to have secured it.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
  • Multiple episodes of Law & Order deal with the homeless, some of who live in the "traditional" cardboard box.
  • One episode of Scrubs saw JD on a date trying to impress a girl. First he ran over an opossum and took it to the vet. As they pulled out of their parking spot at the animal hospital, he ran over a homeless man in a cardboard box. It got worse from there.

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[[folder:Western Animation]]
  • One episode of Tiny Toon Adventures is a parody of Citizen Kane, which has a scene where Montana Max is shown to live in a cardboard box until his family wins the lottery.
  • In the Mission Hill episode "Happy Birthday, Kevin (or Happy Birthday, Douchebag)", Kevin accidentally bumps into a cardboard box on the sidewalk and a homeless man jumps out of it.
    Homeless Man: Hey! You smashed my porch! That is a fine, expensive porch! Pay me! Hey, pay me, yuppie man! Hey hey, I'm talkin' to you!
  • In the Sponge Bob Square Pants episode "Can You Spare A Dime?", a homeless Squidward is living in a cardboard box. That is, until the repo man comes to repossess it.
  • On Futurama, Fry asks if the homeless still use boxes to live in. Bender says yes, "but the rents are outrageous."
  • An Imagine Spot that happens during an episode of DuckTales where, long story short, Uncle Scrooge was broke, he imagines a parody of 'Lifestyles of the Rich And Famous' which focused on him living on the street and his cardboard house, which his butler tried to maintain spick-span (and an Overly Long Gag of him continuously answering to the reporter, in a somewhat-exasperated tone, that there was nothing else but cardboard involved in the house's construction).
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