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Being Superficial Is Ok If You are Ugly
Ugly people have a free pass to be superficial
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In fiction very often beautiful people are considered as shallow people that are unable to appreciate the inner beauty of others. It's no wonder that beautiful people are often also considered dumbor evil.

However as a Double Standard ugly people will be always presumed to be good and inteligent people capable of appreciating that True Beauty Is on the Inside. As such they have the right to be as superficial as they want and it will be ok.

This trope applies when it's only ok to care for external beauty if you aren't beautiful. While beautiful people will be judged as superficial in the same situation.

  • Beauty and the Beast Leprince de Beaumont's version. The beast gets attracted to her by her looks but she is only supposed to see his inner beauty.
Live Action Tv
  • In the original version of Ugly Betty: Beatriz Pinzon falls in love with the Handsome Don Armando her boss. While she only likes him at first for his looks she is portrayed as The Woobie while the superficial ( at first) Don Armando is seen on a negatively light for not being attracted to her until he learns to apreciate her inner beauty.
    • A gender reversed example happens with her (equally ugly) best friend.
  • In Shallow Hal the titular protagonist it's called for being a very superficial man and obligated to see people's exterior beauty like their inner beauty. However Rosemary rejected an equally "beautiful on the inside" man and she gets a free pass to like Hal for his exterior looks.

Western Animation

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