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Quick And Clean Killing
Killing your victim without any unnecessary pain
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This trope often happens in cases of Nothing Personal or Just Following Orders. The killer, whether he is a merciless Professional Killer or some unlucky guy who has no choice, will explicitly make sure to give their victim the most quick, effective and painless death possible. Pretty Little Headshots is usually a good way for that, and ideally (in a fantastic setting) the vicitm will die "as if falling asleep".

In some cases, it may be on the victim's own request, with a friend reluctantly dealing the fatal blow. Normally incompatible with Lack of Empathy, since an unempathic character doesn't care whether the victim suffers or not, by definition.

If the killer is a Consummate Professional or, more likely, a Hitman with a Heart, he will usually do his job this way.

The polar opposite of There Is No Kill Like Overkill and Rasputinian Death. Also contrast Cruel and Unusual Death.


Comic Books:
  • V for Vendetta has V doing this to the repentant scientist, in contrast to the brutally painful ways he extracts revenge against his unrepentant enemies.


Live-Action TV:
  • Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Arena". Kirk and the Gorn captain are forced by the Metrons to fight a duel to determine which of their ships will be destroyed. The Gorn captain asks for Kirk to surrender by promising he will be "merciful and quick" in killing him.

Visual Novels:
  • Genji does this to Kanon and Shannon in Episode 3 of Umineko no Naku Koro ni: he just presses his palm on their chest, a red rose motif appears and they fall dead. Kanon does something similar to Rosa in Episode 6.
    • In Episode 4, Battler notes that Maria's death (probably by poisoning) is noticeably clean and gentle compared to the gruesomely mutilated corpses around her. It literally looks like she is sleeping.
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