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The Hold Steady

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And I got bored when I didn't have a band/So I started a band, man/We're gonna start it with a positive jam/Hold Steady''


  • Almost Killed Me (2004)
  • Separation Sunday (2005)
  • Boys and Girls in America (2006)
  • Stay Positive (2008)
  • Heaven is Whenever (2010)

The Hold Steady provides examples of:

  • Not Christian Rock: Catholicism weighs heavy on the band's work, but so too does partying, drinking, sex, drugs, & rock n roll

  • Call-Back: Occurs across albums: in "Killer Parties" from Almost Killed Me, Finn sings "If they ask about Charlemagne/Be polite and say something vague." On the next album, Separation Sunday, the song "Don't Let Me Explode" contains the line "He asked what happened to Charlemagne/She just smiled all polite-like and said something vague."
    • "Certain Songs" contains the line "the hard drugs are for the bartenders." "The Cattle and the Creeping Things" includes the lyric "Silly rabbit/Tripping is for teenagers/Murder is for murderers/And hard drugs are for bartenders/I think I might have mentioned that before."
  • The Wiki Rule: A band this reference-heavy needs one:
  • Metaphor Gotten: "Multitude of Casualties": "She drove it like she stole it/And she stole it fast and with a multitude of casualties."
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