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Good And Evil Are Both Mean
The heroes and villians are both jerks.
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So a group of villains are up to no good. They've kicked so many dogs, stolen an old lady's purse, and peeping on a woman in the shower! We're waiting for the heroes to come and set things right again. They're here and it looks like things are gonna get better as they were.

Except the heroes have an unpleasant demeanor much like the villains.

This is different from Black and Grey Morality where it is the morally ambiguous versus the morally evil. This trope is pretty much like Black and White Morality except that, while we all know villains are nasty and cruel, the morally upright heroes is kind of douchey as well. ('Kind of' because they are still good nonetheless.) Some people may root for the morally upright, but some may not.

A subtrope of Black And White Morality. A similar idea to God And Satan Are Both Jerks. Can be justified due to Blue And Orange Morality. May be the belief of a Stupid Neutral character.
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