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Prison transfer escape
The best time to escape from custody is when they're moving you from one prison to another.
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Supertrope of Vulnerable Convey, the number of times when a prisoner is shown to be escaping from custody (with or without outside help) while being transferred in the prison van/plane/train/automobile is simply ridiculous. This makes some sense tho, since there's never fewer obstacles between a prisoner and freedom than when all they have to do is figure out a way to exit a vehicle.

  • In the so-bad-it's-good 80s flick Army of One, wrongfulyl convicted 'cop killer' Dolph Lundgren is being taken from a prison hospital to a regular prison; the prison van pulls over so the guards can take a leak and beat up the prisoner. Bad idea trying to beat up Dolph Lundgren in any movie where he is the star. He escapes, with one guard's shotgun in hand.
  • In the TV series Hannibal, both serial killer Abel Gideon and Will Graham escape from custody during transfer, at different times.
  • Con Air is one big try at this (though it fails).
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