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Towering Stature
This guy is considerably physically bigger than the rest of his group.
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The person with a towering stature is significantly larger (in general size or, most commonly, simply height) than the rest of the cast (or Cast Herd), or is a lot bigger than a singled-out character from the supporting cast or cast herd which has been distinguished from the rest of the cast due to the fact that they are remarkably small in comparison to the character in question.

Super Trope for:

In fact, generally any trope which surrounds a considerably bigger person could qualify, since that is this trope.

Not to be mistaken for the Professional Wrestling role of The Giant.


Anime and Manga

  • "Thing" of the Fantastic Four.
  • The Hulk is this in almost any team that joins, standing at the impressive average height of 8 feet tall, and being even more impressively muscularly-bulky.
  • Cyborg of Teen Titans is at least a head or two taller than all his other teammates, and broad shouldered.

  • Played straight with Gregor Clegane in A Song of Ice and Fire, who is nicknamed "the Mountain" for being physically larger than any other man in the setting. Also, Brienne, the warrior maid, is the physically largest woman in Westeros, who towers over many men, as well.

Live-action TV
  • Sir Percival to the other Knights in Merlin.
Sir Gwaine: Why does it take you twice as long to change out of your armour?
Sir Percival: Because I'm twice the size of you, little man.
Sir Gwaine: (tapping him on the head) Then why is it that your brain is so small?
Sir Percival: (stands)
Sir Gwaine: (leaves)
  • In Misfits of Science one of the misfits is 7'4" and can shrink down to 11 inches, therefore being both the tallest and the shortest member of the team.

Tabletop Games
  • Warhammer Forty Thousand:
    • The Catachan Jungle Fighters, Imperial Guard regiments from the Death World of Catachan who are essentially Badass Armies composed entirely of Ramboes that get sent to support other, more Redshirt Army-type Guard regiments; and Space Marines, 8-to-9-feet-tall Bio Augmented Super Soldiers. Ciaphas Cain's title character himself is an example, being over two meters tall.
    • There also the Orks (and their Warhammer Fantasy counterparts, the Orcs): An Ork Warboss will always be the biggest and tallest in the group. The average Ork Boy is seven feet tall, and whichever Ork is in charge is often about a head taller than those under them; Ghazkull Mag Uruk Thrakka, the Warboss of the biggest known Ork Waaaagh!, is over twenty feet tall. There is no known upper limit to this phenomenon, and it's said that one Ork Warboss that the Emperor of Mankind had fought during the Great Crusader was even bigger and meaner than Thrakka, such that he had to team up with his son Horus to defeat it.

Video Games

Western Animation
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