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A planet or large area that is entirely composed of machinery as far as the eye can see.
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Based on the TRS of Eternal Machine, which is the "Standard Videogame Level" version of this trope. Indexes needed, redirects desired. Alternate names/redirects: Construction City, Factory Country, Machinery For Miles.

Actual trope.

The entire field of view, from here to the horizon is a mass of machinery, not only that, but a factory. The sky will be choked with smoke, the streets grimey. No one really wants to live here, but it's the only place within hours that they can. Expect to see robots and machinery everywhere.

An excellent place for a Wretched Hive to grow and fester, in the deep underbelly of the few parts that actually have housing.

When this is a standard videogame setting, that's Eternal Engine. When it's a Planet Ville, it might cover entire sections of the planet. This is different than a City Planet, but they commonly overlap as it's rare to see factories without cities.


Expecting to cull a lot of them from Eternal Engine.
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