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Rescued By The Stalker
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I think I have a super-hero stalker!
- Mary-Jane Watson, from Spider-Man

Sometimes, whether the stalking is otherwise endearing or not, the stalker is portrayed as saving their victim from something worse. (Or in some cases, from another stalker.)

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Anime and Manga
  • Yukiteru frequently gets rescued by his Yandere stalker in Future Diary.
  • In Death Note, Misa Amane's life was saved by a shinigami who became obsessed with her. While watching her one night he saw a second stalker, this one with a knife, come up behind her and threaten murder/suicide if she didn't date him, and zapped the guy with his Death Note. Of course, killing to save a life is something shinigami aren't allowed to do.

  • Spider-Man is mistaken for a stalker by Mary-Jane Watson, who at the time didn't realize that he was Peter Parker; she had just been talking to him a minute ago, and he noticed that a bunch of street thugs were following her, apparently with the intent to commit rape. Peter Parker fought them off, then put his mask back on before she could find out who he was.
  • Coraline. Wybie is known for being somewhat stalkerish toward Coraline, but toward the end his stalking turned out to be part of the reason he was able to rescue Coraline from the metal claw that was left behind when Coraline removed it from the Other Mother.
    Coraline: I'm glad you decided to stalk me.
  • In Conspiracy Theory, Alice tolerates Jerry's ramblings and behavior because he once saved her from a mugger. He also helps her (and she him) throughout the film as part of the plot.
  • In Shortbus, James is rescued from his attempted suicide by his stalker Caleb. They end in a relationship because of it.

  • Quasimodo rescues the gypsy Esmeralda from public hanging in Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • Edward from Twilight saves Bella from some thugs (who are implied rapists) whilst stalking her in Seattle.

Live-Action TV
  • In The X-Files, Mr. X saves Mulder from an exploding train.
  • Twisted in a Dollhouse episode where a pop diva's murderous stalker is actually working with her because she wants to commit suicide-by-stalker on stage.

Video Games
  • Persona 4. The main characters are investigating a murder/kidnapping case, and end up tailing Kanji suspecting he'd be kidnapped, and thrown into the TV World. Which he is and they rescue him. The actual stalking itself is pretty harmless, and played for comedy though.

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