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Wearing Actual Animal Accessory
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Sometimes in a Bugs Bunny cartoon or the like, a woman will be shown wearing a lavish stoal; at some point the stoal will pop it's head up and shrug, "eh, it's a living," the joke being that she's wearing a live animal as an accessory. Where the animal is a fox or other predatory creature, it might growl at somebody touching it. Until this happens, it appears to the viewer as typical not-living accessory.

  • Cruella to Animals notes that the character The High Horse, in Graham Masterton's Night Wars wears a cape of live animals sewn together.
  • In one Pink Panther cartoon the Panther, having blow-dried his fur fluffy, crashes a banquet by letting himself be worn as a stoal.
  • In an episode of Dinosaurs , the teenage girl Charlene gets a stoal which is a real mink-like creature. The stoal is very snooty and starts telling her which friends are not high-class enough to be friends of "theirs." In the end Charlene decides some fashions just aren't worth it.
  • Variation: in one episode of "The Itchy & Scratchy Show" Itchy (the mouse) skins Scratchy (the cat) alive and sells Scratchy's fur-covered skin to a Grande Dame. Scratchy, sans skin, accosts the Dame and takes his skin back, wrapping it around his neck. He leaves the store and is immediately pelted with red paint by a PETA-type group holding signs like "Fur is Murder."

Examples from "Live Mink Coat" YKTTW

  • "Warmhearted" by Shel Silverstein:
    Beatrice Bright is for animal rights—
    She's waiting for Animal Day to arrive.
    And though you see her
    In her new fox fur,
    The fox that she wears is still alive.
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