Soul Trapping Location
You die here and you are doomed to haunt it.

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Characters who die at this location are Barred from the Afterlife and forced to become one of the ghosts in a Haunted House, Ghost Ship or the like. The Soul Trapping Location is an evil version of the Haunted Fetter. Rather than serve as the anchor for a ghost with Unfinished Business to remain in the material world, it is instead a jailor/Tailor-Made Prison that binds the Souls of people who would normally move on to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory to stay and haunt the immediate area.

It's worth reiterating that this isn't just a case of a person's ghost lingering around the area they died in (like Moaning Myrtle of Harry Potter) instead of progressing to the afterlife, but a specific location where (due to whatever reason) any and everyone who dies there is trapped there.

In some cases it may be able to corrupt those trapped into evil or at least compel the trapped souls to harm visitors. Though it's possible at least one (innocent) trapped soul is a Pro-Human Transhuman and tries to help the living visitors leave alive and/or destroy the force keeping them there.



  • In Anna Dressed in Blood, the serial-killer ghost Anna haunts an old house and everybody she murders (usually homeless folks looking for a roof to sleep under) is stuck in the Haunted House with her, as a ghost, forever.
  • Lancre Castle in Wyrd Sisters has hundreds of them, from King Verence to the animals used for feasts to a screaming woman in a chariot to two very young twins to a monkeyman over whose burial mound the castle was built. The witches get around the problem by taking a pebble from the castle home (the ghosts are bound to its stones).

Live Action Tv
  • The Murder House in American Horror Story is this.
  • Angel: Wolfram & Hart's LA branch, thanks to the fact that an evil mage was sacrificed on its grounds. Thus when an employee dies, his ghost keeps their spirit there, so that he can send it to hell in his stead.

Tabletop Games

Video Games
  • Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden has Leonard, a janitor who is working at the old Spalding factory in Old Neo New York. As the heroes travel around, he keeps talking about bringing them to his boss. It is revealed in intermittent cutscenes that Leonard was actually killed in a misaimed Slam, being reduced into a ghost doomed to walk around the factory. He finds this out when the heroes ask him about the last time he went home.
  • The city of Lea Monde in Vagrant Story lays claim to any soul that dies within and causes them to become walking corpses.

Visual Novel
  • In Corpse Party, the victims of Heavenly Host Elementary School are doomed not only to remain there, but also to suffer the pain of their own death for eternity.

Web Comics
  • Sluggy Freelance: Kesandru house was designed to trap the ghosts of everyone who died there in order to power a ritual to bring the house's builder back from the Raythdom after his Faustian Bargain.

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