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Indisposed Sidekick Fight
When sidekicks or minor supporting character contributes very little in brawls
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Your hero is the main character; the one your audience wants to hear about. So it makes sense to highlight his feats of prowess in a fight scene, just to show how much of a badass he really is, right?

But wait! What about the hero's minor ally? They're in the fight too. So how do you show a sidekick involved in the fight without taking the spotlight away from the hero? Simple! Just have him (or her) be indisposed for the duration of the fight. The method of being indisposed varies but typically, the fight will have either the sidekick fighting only one Mook and being distracted by that mook for the whole fight. Or...the sidekick is knocked off the balcony/ship/cliff that the fight is taking place on and, thus, spends the whole fight hanging on for dear life and attempting to climb back up to rejoin the action.

Examples of this trope include...

Anime and Manga
  • In One Piece, Usopp often spends time doing things unrelated to the actual fighting going on while it happens.

  • In Iron Man 2, Happy Hogan spends the whole breakin of Hammer Industries trying to box one guard into submission while Black Widow handles about twenty others.
  • From Return of the Jedi, Lando spends the entire sarlacc battle knocked off the skiff and trying to climb back on.

Video Games
  • In Final Fantasy XIII during Vanille's Eidolin battle, there's really no reason for the other characters in the party to be doing nothing. They're conveniently just gone.

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