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Themed Worlds

Each world/level has a different 'theme' to it

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An omnipresent video game trope (and possibly one in a lot of forms of media), themed worlds are pretty much exactly what the title says. Basically, each world/area in a video game has a theme which usually covers the level architecture, enemies, boss, music and pretty much everything else. For example, a game might have a fire world, an ice world, a water world and a haunted house style world and each of these will have a related boss, enemies stereotypically associated with the setting and music that goes with it.

In Super Mario Bros. style games, the first one is often a grass world, the second a desert, third or fourth a water world and the final one Mordor, with at least one sky world and one ice world somewhere in between. In a Zelda game, the first three dungeons will often be Forest, Fire and Water themed with the same themes appearing at about the halfway point.

In some games like Super Mario Bros. or Sonic the Hedgehog, each of these areas will have theme naming involving a noun and something like Land, World or Zone at the end.

See also Single-Biome Planet, Planet of Hats and Patchwork Map.


Possibly too many to list here, but oh well.

Tropes that may be used for world themes:

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