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Boomerangs as the Weapon of Choice of characters.

See also Precision-Guided Boomerang when other items are used like a boomerang.


Anime and Manga
  • Inuyasha: Sango's and her giant boomerang
  • Kuniko and Momoko from the Shangri-La novel and anime.

Comic Books

  • The Feral Kid in the second Mad Max movie.

Tabletop Games
  • Boomerangs are a possible weapon a PC can use in Dungeons & Dragons games set in Eberron. While normally medicore throwing weapons (that don't even return to the user), the "Boomerang Daze" feat allows the user to daze foes when they hit with a boomerang (which is neat because daze, unlike every other effect in the game, is nearly impossible to get immunity to and completely shuts something down, still nothing compared to a mage, but one of the few nice toys warrior types get)


Video Games

Western Animation
Rolling Updates
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