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No Guy Wants An Aggressive Woman
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This is where a guy is shown to be actively put off by a girl's aggressive pursuit of him. Many times, it will be implied (or outright said) that if she were more shy and modest about her feelings, he would like her a lot more. The use of this normally implies that men want to be the ones to chase and pursue a relationship, and hate it when it looks like, for any moment, they would not be the ones wearing the pants in the relationship. To put it simply: A man wants to catch a woman. Not be caught.

Quite a few times, this trope will be the reason why the man will not be afflicted with The Dulcinea Effect towards this girl. And to contrast, he will instead be shown to be afflicted with The Dulcinea Effect towards a girl who is much more passive. Granted, it doesn't matter whether or not the girl is (or isn't) an Action Girl - even if she's strong in combat, as long as she's passive and shy romance-wise, she'll still be more desirable compared to a Damsel in Distress who is too eager.

Compare with No Guy Wants an Amazon, where the man feels threatened because the girl is physically more intimidating.

Aggressiveness is often a trait of the Abhorrent Admirer, though it's definitely not the only trait that puts the guy off.


  • Mirai Nikki. Yukiteru makes it very obvious that Yuno's Yandere, insanely aggressive obsession and pursuit of him is what puts him off and scares him away from her. Numerous times, he suggests that if she were to be more passive and gentle, he would fall for her completely in an instant. It's not hard to figure out, looking at his track record of girls he harbored crushes on, he has a thing for unaggressive shy girls. In fact, the times where he's shown to like Yuno more is when she acts flustered and embarrassed, which prompts him to think she's "cute," and feel "manly" when he comforts her. Except... she tends to ruin the progress by doing something insane.
  • In Tales of Legendia, this is a probable reason for why Senel didn't really seem all that interested in either Shirley or Chloe. Both were definitely pretty aggressive about their feelings for him. And the girl he loved the most (for, pretty much, most of the game) was Stella.
  • In Saber Marionette J, although Otaru claims he loves all three girls (Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry), he never mentions it being equal. And the series implies heavily that his favorite is Lime, who, out of the three, is the most innocent and non-romantically aggressive. Both Cherry and Bloodberry are shown to be extremely aggressive with their affection for Otaru, constantly fighting over him.
  • In Ludwig Revolution, Ludwig is constantly on the lookout for a cute girl to become his wife. Consistently, throughout the entire series thusfar, the extremely well endowed, scantily clad witch Dorothea has been throwing herself at him. He's annoyed with her, and it becomes apparent that she's the girl he's least interested in.
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. So far in the series, Tsuna has blushed and felt his heart flutter for every main girl character (Obviously Kyoko, Bianchi, Chrome, Lal Mirch, even Uni) except Haru. Out of all of them, towards Tsuna, she is the most aggressive and direct in her pursuit (granted, if Bianchi were even interested in Tsuna, she very likely would be the most aggressive). Tsuna makes it very clear that he has no romantic interest in Haru, and constantly has to try to slap down all of her advances.
  • Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo! (the original OVA's, at least) seems especially put off by Ryoko's (and occasionally, Washu's) aggressive sexual advances. On the other hand, he seems more romantically interested in polite and reserved Ayeka, girlish Sasami, and spacey Mihoshi.
  • Allen from D Grayman. Road's very direct and persistent approach did not go over well with him. (Granted, she was his enemy...) And Lou Fa's very obvious attempts at courting him don't really seem to be working all that well - in fact, he seems to be deliberately ignoring any romantic implications of her actions, no matter how obvious. On the other hand, he seems to be much more appreciative of the shy, chaste, cute interactions he has with Lenalee. This is furthered when one considers that he also expresses a lot more interest in Fou (compared to the more aggressive Road and Lou Fa), who was a bigtime Tsundere who tried shyly to hide her crush on him.
  • Fruits Basket. Kyo is totally put off by Kagura's overly lovey-dovey, possessive nature. And he ends up falling for the gentle, shy, unintimidating Tohru.
  • Mai Shiranui seems to provoke this on Andy Bogard. His feelings for her emerge only in situations when she's not pressing him to feel attracted to her.
  • Mary Horowitz (Sandra Bullock) in All About Steve. She basically becomes a stalker after one date with the male lead.
  • Woody Allen's Sweet and Lowdown.
  • Sousuke from Full Metal Panic! is this, all the way. Made especially obvious with Tessa, who was actually a gentle, weak Dojikko Damsel in Distress... sounds good so far for the manly ego, right? Only... her pursuit and tactics for chasing him were way too aggressive. To the point where he was actually scared of her, and had to constantly try to protect himself from being taken advantage of by her. Numerous times, she actually slithered out of her bed at night and tried to take advantage of him in his sleep. And unfortunately for her, it's explained that ever since the past, Sousuke has gotten SICK of aggressive admirers trying to rape him. (No, Gauron didn't help his case, either.) On the other hand, the first girl he ever develops feelings for is a bashful Tsundere that expresses her feelings for him in the most roundabout way. And Nami, who was quite similar to Kaname in that aspect, seemed to make his heart flutter the same way.
  • In Ranma , Ranma expresses little to no interest in pretty much every girl that aggressively chases him (which are 90% of his suitors). And later, he shows that the one he likes most is Akane, who normally doesn't show her like for him by aggressively chasing him. This is furthered when it's shown that once Shampoo gives up on him and acts aloof, he actually starts pursuing her.
  • Largo from Megatokyo is dramatically turned off when Erika becomes aggressive. Especially egregious since his first encounters with her involved him hitting on her and her breaking his arms.
  • My Super Ex-Girlfriend has G-Girl as far too voracious for her boyfriend to handle.
  • M*A*S*H: Hawkeye meets a lovely young Swedish doctor. (She might be Swiss or Norwegian, but Swedish seems right) He does his Hawkeye thing and tries to seduce her. But he is instantly put off when, over a drink, she makes a move and kisses him.
  • Ethel.
  • Obviously, there is some Truth in Television in this. There are men that don't like it when girls persistently chase them and come on them too aggressively.
    • I remember Dr. Drew referring to this as The Phallic Female on Love Line. That is when a women comes on too aggressively, it can turn a guy off, which then can lead to the women becoming frustrated and thus more aggressive which puts the guy off more.
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