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Fast Forward To Reunion
Characters who go separate ways near the end of a work are shown reuniting in the future.
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Stories often end with partings, as characters who were drawn together for a temporary adventure return to their old lives, or as relationships break under pressure. A parting between friends, lovers, or family members in the finale can make for heartwrenching drama. However, it isn't over until it's over: many works that separate characters in the last act then skip over weeks, months, or years to show that the separation was temporary and the characters meet again in the future. This can be done through a Distant Finale or Where Are They Now? moment.

If the separated characters were romantically involved or had Unresolved Sexual Tension, this trope can be used to create either a Last Minute Hookup or a Maybe Ever After ending. However, this trope is not limited to romantic pairings.

This trope is only for when the parting occurs near the end of the work. If the character left a series or work much earlier, you're probably looking at Back for the Finale. The reunion here is always brief, as well: the missing character shows up only in the final scene of the work. For other tropes involving returned characters that typically don't take place after a Time Skip, see The Bus Came Back, Commuting on a Bus, and Back for the Dead.

This is an ending trope. Beware of spoilers!


Anime and Manga
  • Speedgrapher ends with Kagura and Saiga reunited after a separation of five years. He seems to have been expecting her, though she comes unannounced.
  • Sakamichi No Apollon: The anime ends with a reunion between three separated friends.
  • Bakuman。 is all about this. Mashiro and his love interest, Azuki go separate ways until them both can accomplish their dreams. In the last chapter they reunite and kiss after ten years, having achieved their goals However, it was obvious they would do that.
  • GUN×SWORD has Van and Wendy reuniting purely by coincidence/fate an unspecified number of years after they parted. It's clear from what she tells the reporter that she's been waiting for him to show up; his reaction to the meeting is less clear.

  • Happens in the end of God Bless America, when Frank and Roxy reunite just to be shot to death Bonnie and Clyde-style.
  • The last two Spider-Man movies in the original trilogy end with Peter and Mary Jane reuniting. Averted in the first one which ends with Peter being forced to leave her.

  • Both endings of Great Expectations show Pip and Estella meeting again after several years of separation. The nature of the meeting is very different depending on which ending you read. In one, Estella is happily married to someone else. In the other, she's still available and it's implied that they may have a future together.

Live-Action Television
  • The last episode of Dawson's Creek takes place 5 years after the penultimate episode, where they all reunite.
  • The last episode of Star Trek: Voyager starts with the surviving crew members celebrating the tenth anniversary of their return to the Alpha Quadrant.
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