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Dead man door switch
Killing all the enemies somehow unlocks the doors
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You taking a stroll though the game, only to be stopped by a locked door. Suddenly enemies leap out and you are forced to defend yourself. Enemies defeated, you try the door again, only to find it unlocked.

Somehow the door is tied to the enemies being alive.

Not 100% sure this isn't the same as Inescapable Ambush. Doesn't apply to forcefield generated by the enemies you are fighting or finding a key on their bodies.

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  • Starfox Adventures : Life force doors
  • Unreal: killing a Titian unlocks a wooden door
  • The .hack games
  • Many dungeon rooms in the original Legend of Zelda
  • I believe this pops up in Serious Sam as well.
  • Justified in the forest level of Final Fantasy XIII: the "doors" are force fields that keep wildlife on the forest floor segregated and are activated whenever an animal is nearby. Since the place crawls with beasts, however, Lightning and Hope's journey to the other end of the forest becomes a lot longer and bloodier.
  • The dungeon doors in Mabinogi, and the Fomorian energy-walls in its sister game Vindictus.
  • Painkiller uses this throughout, with each fight being in a walled up area of the level, which then opens once all enemies are defeated, allowing access to the next area, which automatically seals up once you enter it.
  • The Devil May Cry games have red forcefields on doors appear in most rooms. They shatter once you've killed all the enemies.
  • "Guardian Doors" from the Dungeoneering sidequest/skill in RuneScape.
  • On The {{Megaman Games]] you must defezt all the bosses on the Boss Rush Room before you can continue, also, on most games after the classic series, they are aslo divided on groups, and the door they open commonly has another plataform section before entering the Final boss room(or the next Part of the Rush section)
  • On the Metal Slug series thre are also parts where you must defeat all the mooks on the area before you can continue(while most of the game you can simply skipt them(of course if you can dogde their atacks), however you probably will kill them anyway (it's easier), and they will come in Big Waves
  • This is how doors work in Cla Dun. There are locked doors everywhere in the dungeon and you need to kill large enemies to cause them to unlock. Unlike Inescapable Ambush, you're never enclosed, just prevented from moving forwards. Sometimes the door that unlocks is very far away from the monster you kill.
  • Several instances in Parasite Eve where, if not for this or a variation of this, the boss battle probably would not occur.
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