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Smooth Water
Water that is animated as a smooth surface with painted wave colors on top
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Water can be difficult to animate for many reasons, and oftentimes, is not quite animated quite like real water. In Smooth Water, water bodies are often created simply as smooth surfaces found within basins, with waves and splashes either added as simple color changes on the surface, or created as objects outside the main body of water, that do not interact with it much.

Alternative titles: flat water, surface water, painted water

(Note: Gel Water is added as another potential article about water animation oddities. If both these make it through the process, I'll be adding some more description and links between the two.)

Video Game
  • Warcraft III uses this style. Fountains are made separate objects, waves and other surface interactions exist as animations.
  • Guild Wars uses this style more than Gel Water at points, usually when characters are running through the water. The jade Sea, though not actual water, has foam and spray drawn onto the Jade in this style.
  • Cvilization 4 has this effect for oceans.
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