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Really Quick-Drying Cement
When freshly poured cement dries in an incredibly short amount of time
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Cement, as you may know, is a mostly sand and gravel based substance that eventually hardens into the equivalent of rock. You know, like sidewalks, roads, and a lot of other stuff. This process takes a long time, even with the quick-drying variety. Unless you're in a cartoon, in which case you should avoid this stuff like the plague, because if you step in it, it'll harden instantly and probably trap you in it.

FOREVER. (Unless you get yourself out}

Regardless, Quick-Drying Cement is NOT instantaneous, real or fiction, so don't plan on using it to trap your Jerk Ass neighbor any time soon. But if you're in one of the following examples, go crazy. Results can resemble Taken for Granite.

Sister Trope to Quicksand Sucks. Related to Sticky Situation.


  • A frequent trope used in Looney Tunes, mostly in Road Runner segments and some Bugs Bunny cartoons, most notably Compressed Hare.
    • Foghorn Leghorn. In "All Fowled Up", Foghorn tries to pour concrete over the Dog's doghouse and seal him in. He ends up pouring the concrete on himself, and it hardens on him in seconds.
    • Happens twice in "It's Hummer Time". A dog gives a cat a series of punishments. One is "The Thinker", in which the cat is put into a cement mixer and pops out covered in solid cement in the pose of the art work "The Thinker". At the end both the cat and the dog end up in the mixer and pop out in the form of a birdbath.
  • Averted in Oliver & Company, where both Oliver and Dodger end up in wet cement and manage to get out without much trouble.
  • The Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode Scooby-Doo and A Mummy, Too features the titular mummy, who kidnaps people and makes cement statues of them to make them look like they turned to stone. He can pump out one statue in like, 10 minutes or less.
    • The Scooby Doo movie Where's My Mummy? had a mummy do the EXACT SAME THING.
  • The Simpsons: When Sideshow Bob's brother Cecil is building Springfield Dam he hires Cletus and some other yokel-types as the crew. Their dog Geech gets in the cement mixer and becomes a cement statue.
  • Naruto: Kurotsuchi's Quicklime Congealing Technique is a Lava Release technique that causes corrosive damage. By combining this with another technique, Water Release: Water Trumpet, she can cause the quicklime to harden, creating quick cement.
  • Torchwood had Jack sealed in a prison cell that was filled with concrete. In less than a day (before the sun had even set) it had hardened all the way through.
  • In The Flintstones movie the villain gets encased in an instant-drying mixture of powdered rock and water, and cement is invented at the same moment.
  • In The Three Stooges episode "The Sitter-Downers", Curly stands in cement and gets hit over the head with a rock. When he comes to a few minutes later, his feet are stuck.
  • In Gremlins 2, one of the genetically engineered (more specifically to fly and be able to resist sunlight) gremlins escapes the tower block, but promptly ends up coated in concrete from a freshly laid pavement and comes to rest on a rooftop as it sets, becoming a statue.
  • Used often in Cattivik, usually with the titular character ending up as a statue of some kind, as part of his eternal Humiliation Conga.
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