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Competently Disadvantaged
A character who, despite his/her profession or location, lacks the crucial skill required.
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"Sheís in a place called WATERWORLD, AND SHE CANíT SWIM?! Isnít that kind of like being in the Antarctic and not knowing how to put on a coat?!"
-- The Nostalgia Critic, Waterworld Review

The librarian can't read. The pool guard can't swim. Basically, this character lives in an area, or has a profession, where a skill is useful, or even required. And yet, the character in question lacks that certain skill. Reasons might include, but aren't limited to a lack of interest, a dislike for the subject (in the case of a work-related skill) or the character being too stupid to understand why that skill might be required.

The opposite of Bunny-Ears Lawyer

  • Anji from Star Trek: Insurrection never learned to swim, despite having lived for about 300 years. Appearantly, she never got around to it.

  • In Waterworld, the polar ice caps have melted and almost the entire planet is covered with water. Has Enola's mother ever thought about teaching her daughter how to swim? Take a guess.....

Video Games
  • Strangely reversed in Fallout 3. You'd think the Lone Wanderer, who has spent his/her entire life inside an underground vault might need some swimming lessons before trying to cross a large body of water with no nearby bridge....

  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: A city with water on all sides, and yet not one person in Vice City, including paramedics, police and special forces, can swim.
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