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Celeb Who?
Parody/Shout Out/Take That of a celeb you never heard of...and probably don't even want to.
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A viewer reaction. There are A celebs, B celebs...and Z celebs. Of course, you'd NEVER would set your remote to a white trash channel where they use to appear, don't you? Unfortunately, they have a tendency to sneak in through the back door. Two random examples: Criss Angel on "Ugly Americans". If not, by dumb chance, his show ran directly after "Ugly Americans" on German VIVA, this troper wouldn't even have known it was a Take That. Snookie on "South Park". Had to google. Better hadn't. Now runs too directly after "Ugly Americans". Might be a fluke.

In any case, you either don't recognize the Take That or ask "Who???".
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