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Spielberg Won't Return His Calls
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Do We Have This One?? Might Needs a Better Description and Needs a Better Title.

Sandy Frank! Sandy Frank!

Alice is working on a new movie. She has a script, an idea for who she wants to act in it, and the money needed to produce the film. She really wants Bob, a famous movie director, to make the film for her.

However, Bob simply ignores Alice and refuses to return any calls she has towards him. Why? Because Alice is absolutely incompetent as a filmmaker.

This is essentially when a filmmaker tries to get a famous director, writer, actor, or whatnot to be in their movie. But, due to said filmmakers incompetence, they are utterly ignored by the very people they want to work with.


  • The potential Trope Namer is from Mystery Science Theater 3000 in which Joel and The 'Bots sing a Take That song about Sandy Frank (A film producer who was notorious for producing poorly-dubbed versions of old Japanese movies such as the Showa Gamera films).
  • In Bowfinger the action star Kit Ramsey refuses to participate in Bowfinger's film, but he decides to make the film anyway and film all of Ramsey's scenes without his knowledge. Hilarity Ensues.
  • One FoxTrot arc has Jason try his hand at writing established comic strips, and sending them off to the authors so they can see he's a good replacement.
    Jason: Well, Jim Davis sent me confetti, which I first thought he wanted to celebrate our new partnership...
    Peter: Until you noticed it was made from the strips you sent him.
    Jason: Then Charles Schulz sent me a pile of ashes, which I thought meant he thought my ideas were hot...

  • In Forgetting Sarah Marshall rock star Aldous Snow receives a demo cd from a waiter. The next time they meet:
    Aldous: Oh, I was gonna listen to your CD, but then I just went on living my life.

  • In The Simpsons, Homer tries to convince someone to direct/act in a film he's written, which involves "a killer mutant robot driving instructor who travels back in time for some reason", and whose best friend is a talking pie.
    • A later episode had Homer trying to convince Mel Gibson to be in a "more violent version of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington". He then tried to get Mel to star in movies that were already made including asking "Have they made a movie about Indiana Jones yet?" causing Mel to leave in disgust.
  • There's a joke where a screenwriter shows his agent a script he hopes Spielberg would like that goes something along the lines of this-

    How's my script coming along?
    I showed it to Spielberg, and he absolutely loved it!
    He simply adored it and asked for more!
    -Agent notices dogs straining to run off.-
    Spielberg! Down, boy!

  • An episode of Family Guy had Brian trying (and failing) to become a famous writer in Hollywood. He even tries working as a waiter to get up close to the actors, but they don't pay attention to him anyway.
    • Later subverted when a famous director does decide to make Brian famous, but it turns out to be a porn director.
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