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I'm Horny
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Molting season is not kind to his self esteem.

Whether huge and hindering or hideous and hulking, having horns can hamper the head. Hatless heroes and their horrible foes can heft these horns alike. Horns act as a haunting and inhumanizing halo, hybridizing homo-erectus with herbivore or horror.

And because my alliteartion can't convert the following passage, it's in normal prose. Varieties of horn include: ram like curving horns, antlers, goat nubs (Satyrs) and bull horns (Minotaurs). For some reason, a single spiky horn up front to rarely confers Unicorn like purity.

Usually features of the Beast Man, Petting Zoo People, half-demons and demons, minotaurs and satyrs. Also, this makes a great Baleful Polymorph for guys (or gals) who cheat on their spouse.
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