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The Something Of Somethings
Narrowing down a well-known comparison to fit a more concise grouping.
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Needs examples that fit the trope, regardless of phrasing.

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Marge: Sweetie, you could still go to McGill, the Harvard of Canada.
Lisa: Mom, anything that's the "something of something" isn't really the anything of anything.
The Simpsons

Comparisons are a great way to describe someone or something. But an absolute comparison to a well known person, place, or thing, can be too strong. Instead the comparison is narrowed down to a specific field, or circumstance.

Let's say your favorite lawyer is a great person. It could be said he's as kind as Mister Rogers. Well, he's not that nice; he's still a lawyer. So instead you say he's the Mister Rogers of Lawyers.

This does not have to follow any exact phrasing. Any kind of comparison that is narrowed down fits here.

A Sister Trope to Reviewer Standard Comparisons, and it can often lead to an Overly Narrow Superlative. If two different categories are combined to create something new it's X Meets Y.


Note: Examples do not need to follow the exact phrasing of "something of somethings". It just need to be a comparison that is narrowed down.

  • Parodied in Mrs. Winterbourne, where talk show host Ricki Lake played Connie.
Connie: What's this?
Paco: This is a Rolls Royce.
Connie: Wow, that's like the Cadillac of automobiles, huh?
Paco: No, the Mercedes-Benz is the Cadillac of automobiles. This is a Rolls Royce.

  • Sherlock Holmes famously describes Professor Moriarty as "the Napoleon of crime" in "The Final Problem" from 1893.

Live-Action TV

New Media

Professional Wrestling
  • A common expression in professional wrestling whenever a tag team breaks up is to argue which among them is "The Jannetty" of their team, referring to the tag team of Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels.

Video Games
  • The Sam & Max: Freelance Police episode "Bright Side of the Moon" has Sam and Max meet Sybil and discover her latest occupation as the literal Queen of Canada.
    Sybil: I have taken a job as the Queen of Canada.
    Max: I thought Rush was the Queen of Canada.

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons give us this "X is Z's Y" formulation.
    Florida?! That's America's wang!
  • Archer seems to really enjoy this trope. The eponymous Sterling Archer in particular drops it on a regular basis:
    • In response to Lana's concern about North Korea, Archer tells her to relax, as North Korea is "the nation-state equivalent of the short bus."
    • When Archer has been tasked with training Cyril to be a field agent, Archer mocks his preconceptions about martial arts.
    Cyril: Will I get to learn Karate?
    Archer: ...Karate? The Dane Cook of martial arts? No.

Real Life
  • A popular brand of canned tuna is called The Chicken of the Sea.

Quotes Page

As written on some random bathroom wall: "The Americans are the Nazis of the 20th century!"
And then below it, written by someone else, "The Nazis are the Nazis of the 20th century, dumbass."

"Otiel Burbridge is the Micheal Jordan of bass guitar."
Derek Trucks
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