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The Vulgar Accent
A vulgar character use a Real Life accent/dialect considered vulgar or rude.
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Each language has many dialects, accents and variations, and usually there's always one that's stereotypically associated with vulgar/rude persons, usually from the countryside. Depending on how well this is managed, it can make a character more effective or funny, or in case of dubs and translations being Woolseyism, but if exagerrated it may lead to cases of Unfortunate Implication towards speakers of said dialects.

See also The Idiot from Osaka.


The idea behind this trope is to get as many examples as possibles from many languages. The idea is to sort the examples by language. Sadly, my knowledge of foreign/english dialects and/or accents is quite limited, so please, I'm looking for help from foreign tropers to fill in those examples. For now, I'm only able to fill the Italian section. Any help is welcome.


In the UK, Northern English (itself not a single accent, but rather a geographical 'cluster' of dialects) is often used for this in works made in the South. That said, where most of the characters are from the North, Southern accents are often used. The Cockney accent can also be used this way.

  • A classic Cockney example is Eliza Dolittle's initial accent in Pygmalion and the musical adaptation My Fair Lady. Professor Higgins points out her vulgarity and low social status early on; the rest of the story revolves around her not only altering her speech but proving her worth despite her origins.
  • Yangus and all the people from Pickham from Dragon Quest VIII speaks with a particular accent. The sorcerer Dominico speaks with a Birmingham accent.
  • The "Asian" merchant from King's Quest II (Fan Remake) slips into Cockney accent sometimes. A talking pumpkin from the same game swings between Cockney and Brooklyn accent (see below).
  • Monty Python: the "Army Protection Racket" sketch features a pair of maifa types trying to extort money from the army who have cockney-esque accents.
  • Warhammer 40K: the Orks use Cockney accents.
  • Resident Evil 4: the mysterious merchant Talks Like A Pirate for some reason.


As an American example there's the Appalachian accent, also known as "Hillbilly" or "Hick" accent, which is less refined than Dixie or Yat. Cajun accents also have this connotation. As for the North, there's the various New York accents, especially Bronx and Brooklyn, and the "Jersey" accent. The last three have some Italian influence considering the huge numbers of Italian immigrants that settled there.

  • Bugs Bunny is an example of Brooklyn dialect.
  • The 4Kids dub of One Piece gave Sanji a nasal Brooklyn accent. Considering that in the original dub he often says the word "Kuso" (shit), it fits the "vulgar" part.
  • Itsuki from Devil Kings (Or Sengoku Basara, as you prefer) was given a "Hillbilly" accent.


Usually Kansai dialect, See The Idiot from Osaka.


Generally speaking, southern dialects are often used for this job. Another popular choice is the roman dialect ("Romanaccio") who's associated with vulgar people. Other used accents are Campanian (Naples), Sicilian and sometimes Sardinian.


  • In One Piece (manga only) the character Duval speaks with Kansai accent when he's angry. In the Italian manga he speaks with Rome accent. Meanwhile in the anime, the pirate Capone Gang Bege, who has a Mafia theme, speaks with a Sicilian accent.
  • In The Simpsons Groundskeeper Willy speaks with a Sardinian accent. In the episode where they visit Scotland said accent is extended to everyone. Furthermore the Australians in Bart vs Australia have a southern accent. Needless to say, the local mafia has a Sicilian accent.
  • In Dragonquest IX the people from Wormwood Creeck display the Rome accent in both dialogues and writings. Also the machinist of the Starlight Express Sterling use the same accent.
  • In one episode of NCIS a mafious family is involved. They all speak with extremely heavy napolitan accents.


  • If the work is Russian, the character will speak either mat (the dialect made of Cluster F-Bomb) or fenya (The Mafiya's thieves' cant), or a mix of both.
  • In Sweden, they usually use the accent people in the southernmost region of Sweden speak: Scanian.
  • In Australia "broad accents" are used by less culturated characters.
  • In Mexico, the "NorteƱo"(northern) accent is often used in a similar that the US uses the Hick accent, there's also the "chilango" accent wich is used to denote somebody is from a "popular"(read, poor) street, that is low on the social class
  • In Bollywood movies, Bombay/Mumbai accent is used by characters to either appear dangerous or cool. Delhi/Punjabi accent is used by characters to appear cute.

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