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Please Listen To Me!
Character begs instead of just explaining.
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I'm new so this is going to look ugly. Do we already have this one? In short: A character is being gotten rid of (as in, is about to be thrown out of an airlock or something) by a person or a group of people, because they deem it necessary. However, he has some vital information that will completely change everything (may even save himself).

BUT instead of telling them this information on the spot, all he can do is scream something along the lines of "Please listen to me!!" or "Just let me explain!". This results in (duh) the others NOT listening to him, and the information he had NOT being brought up at all, or until later, at which point there might be some "Why didn't you say so?" "I was trying to" etc.

I know I've seen this a million times in different media, usually used to create drama/tension, but since we know it could've easily been avoided, it's just annoying.

Example: (SPOILERS!!!)

Dr. Who (new series), The Pandorica Opens part 1: The doctor is being put in the box, when one of the daleks says "only you can fly the tardis" implying that if they lock him up, the threat is neutralized. But, we know 1 other person (at least) can fly it, IS flying it right now , and is ABOUT TO CAUSE the thing they're trying to prevent... And all the doctor can do is cry "Please listen to me!" about 5 times, not even trying to convey any vital information about saving the freakin universe.
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