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Newcomer asking for help
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Hello, Im a newcomer. Thank you for your welcome. Id like to start off by asking for your help. Even after having a good look through this site, I still only have a pretty hazy idea of what exactly you mean by trope. What follows is a brief outline of Be Cool, a Gary Gray comedy thriller adapted from an Elmore Leonard novel. I would be very grateful if someone would be so kind as to list the tropes that can be found in this presentation. I suppose there must be two or three in Part A, the opening scene, and maybe three more in Part B, the rest of the film, but I wouldnt know what name to give to any of them. Thank you in advance for your kindness.

Opening scene, three characters:  X is the joint owner, with his wife, of an unsuccessful business. (It will emerge later that, unknown to his wife, hes been handing over thousands to a protection racket.)  Y is an independent businessman on a modest scale.  Z is a hitman for the protection racket.

Scene, sidewalk caf. X and Y chatting. X: Ive got this great idea for a project. Itll make money for both of us. (Explains idea.) Y: No, it wouldnt work. Not interested, no deal.

A car drives up, Z gets out, shoots X dead, gets back in car, drives off. Y has witnessed the murder, and Z knows it.

The rest of the film, summary of story line: Y, the protagonist, is shown achieving three aims.  He rescues Xs business (now Xs widows business) from insolvency, makes a success of it.  He avenges Xs killing: the racketeers all end up dead or in jail.  He gets shacked up with Xs widow (played by Uma Thurman, no less).

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