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Bad With The Bone

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The use of bones as an Improvised Weapon and/or Improvised Armour. Dem Bones may be involved.


Anime and Manga
  • Kimimaro from Naruto
  • Bleach: various Arrancar, such as Nel with a skull helmet.

Comic Books
  • Marrow from X-men.
    • Wolverine when he has his bone claws instead of his Adamantium claws counts, as well.


Oral Tradition
  • Samson, the original badass of The Bible, once wiped out a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of an ass, this making this Older Than Dirt.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons And Dragons. Adventure A4 In The Dungeons of The Slave Lords starts with the PCs in the title location, stripped of all weapons and equipment. If they search carefully they can find a human skull (usable as a thrown weapon) and a human thigh bone (usable as a club).

Video Games
  • The first "weapon" you get in Secret of Evermore is a large bone.
  • Pokemon: Cubone and Marowak, which use bone attacks such as Bone Club, Bonemerang, and Bone Rush. Cubone in particular wears the skull of its dead mother.
  • Halo: skulls can be used as melee weapons.
  • Skull helmets in Diablo II.
  • In Adventure Quest Worlds, your character can use bone based weapons. I think they can also use an actual bone at one point.
  • In Phantom Brave, you can use both leg bones and skulls as weapons.

Western Animation
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