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The villain exists in part, thanks to the here's actions.

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Do We Have This One?? _____ A subtrope of What the Hell, Hero?, this trope is when at least partially, the villain exists or is evil due to The Hero's actions, usually unintended or unknown on the part of the hero. Another aspect that is more seen with superheroes is that the new vigilante in town sort of acts as a herald to the long list of rogues and supervillains that appear in town. This is less of the hero fault and more has to do with him being a Weirdness Magnet.

  • In some continuities,especially the Tim Burton version of Comic Books/[[Batman]],Joker becomes Joker because Batman causes him to full into the toxic waste.

  • In The Amazing Spiderman, Peter provides Dr. Conners with the equation that seemed to perfect the serum which turns Conners into The Lizard.

  • Referenced in an episode of Fairly OddParents when discussing The Crimson Chin creating his arch-enemy, the Iron Lung.

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