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Feline Green Eyes
Green eyes are associated with feline creatures in fiction
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See these eyes so green
I can stare for a thousand years"
--David Bowie, Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

Despite the fact that cats can have a wide variety of eye colors, green is especially associated with them. In fiction, green eyes are often found in characters with feline Animal Motifs, Cat Girls, shapeshifters who turn into cats or Kindhearted Cat Lovers.

This association comes from a variety of superstitious beliefs about cats. Because All Witches Have Cats, a witch will most likely have a black cat with green eyes as her Familiar. There's just something mysterious and eerie about green eyes glowing in the dark. The colour also helps underline the association with magic and the supernatural or untrustworthiness.


Comic Books
  • Catwoman has always had green eyes canonically, though she has been played by non-green-eyed actresses; she fits the concept to a "T", being mysterious and associated with cats.

  • In Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland the not-so-trustworthy Cheshire Cat has unnervingly huge green eyes.
  • Doctor Calico, the villain of the Show Within a Show from Bolt has green, catlike eyes. Not only is his name a reference to cats, but he's never seen without his Right-Hand Cat.
  • Irena Gallier in Cat People, for which David Bowie's eponymous song was written (see quote at top of page), has green eyes and is a werepanther.
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