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Miss Miscegenation Lamenation
A trope that usually involves a black woman lamenting over a black guy dating a white woman.
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This trope can be a Stock Character in the plot of a film, a tv show, literature, etc. The trope usually involves a black woman complaining about a black man (or black men in general) dating a white woman or other women who are not black. Arguably, this trope could have started due to the film Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967), which was about the relationship between a black man and a white woman. In the film it featured a black maid (played by Isabel Sanford) giving the Sidney Poitier character some grief about marrying a white woman.

Sadly, this trope may have Unfortunate Implications to it (and some Real Life examples). However, it appears that this trope has not been used as much over the past few years, so this can be considered a Discredited Trope.

Some examples of Miss Miscegenation Lamenation may include (but not limited to):said black woman complaining about this to her other black girlfriends, black woman and her girlfriends giving the black guy/white woman some glaring stares, (rarely) openly complains about said couple being together in front of the couple.

Some related tropes include Jealous Woman and Where Da White Women At?
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