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Deathball will decide
When a character uses one method to make decisions excessively
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A character is faced with a decision, instead of just logically choosing what to do, this character uses a obscure system to make his or her decisions for them.

  • Batman villain Two-Face often makes decisions by tossing a double-headed coin with one face scratched out.

Live Action Tv

Video Game

  • The entire titular League in League of Legends is this. Instead of moderating conflicts in a diplomatic fashion, they toss a handfull of Champions into an arena and whichever side wins is put in the right. This was originally set up to prevent another world-shattering magic war, but it's insinuated that almost every conflict of interest is put to the League, from border disputes to contract negotiations to "duels" of honor between nobles.

Western Animation
  • The Trope Namer Futurama, in The Beast with a Billion Backs has The Professor and Dr. Wernstrum trying to decide who crew goes into space, way they decide? Deathball, later in the same movie they tried to decide between Diamondium and Diamondiliam, once again their answer is Deathball.
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