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Japanese Science Fiction
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There are two universal types of science fiction, Western or Japanese. Western SF, is technophobic, angsy, controversial and science is always bad. In Japanese Science Fiction science always neutral or good. Western sci fi is about social relationships and not being human at the same time as you are "a human being" becouse of identity crisis.

Cyborgs and won't go insane from replacing their brain with computers. Society can progress through technology, and scientists are more often heroics champions of mankind. Robots can be friendly or harmless.

In early 1910thies Europe, Japanese SF used to be the normal view on science untill the 1930thies with hittler and commists who where fanatical anti intellectuals. Anti-intellectualism have stayed even though Hittler and communism to this day. In Japan however a positive view on science and utopian science fiction still survive to entertain the minds of a new generation.

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